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Recent Patents in Instruments / Analysis of biological materials

Patent NumberTitle
9,213,999 Providing iPSCs to a customer
9,213,037 Sample analyzer and sample analyzing method
9,213,036 Method for fluid clotting time determination on a microfluidic device
9,213,035 Protein assay
9,213,032 Use of LRIG1 as a biomarker for identifying a subject for application of anti-c-Met antibodies
9,213,029 Method for diagnosing breast cancer by detection of polymeric immunoglobulin receptor in vesicles isolated from patients
9,213,027 Lipoparticles comprising proteins, methods of making, and using the same
9,213,026 System for determining unprocessed and partially processed neurotoxin type A
9,213,022 Lead indicator spray
9,212,989 Optical determination and reporting of gas properties
9,212,982 Mattress testing apparatus and method
9,212,384 Microbial culture medium and microbial culture method using acid/activated clay
9,211,332 Selective resonance of bodily agents
9,211,314 Treatment selection for lung cancer patients using mass spectrum of blood-based sample
9,211,092 End of life detection for analyte sensors
9,207,248 Diagnostic detection devices and methods
9,207,247 Biomarkers of musculoskeletal disease
9,207,246 Method and device for immunoassay using nucleotide conjugates
9,207,242 Cadherin-17 as diagnostic marker and therapeutic target for liver cancer
9,207,241 Devices for the detection of multiple analytes in a sample
9,207,239 Kits, compositions and methods for detecting a biological condition
9,207,236 Highly simplified lateral flow-based nucleic acid sample preparation and passive fluid flow control
9,207,233 ELISPOT method having two filter systems
9,207,227 Composition of multiphase flow
9,207,225 Method for detecting a concentration of chlorate-ions in an aqueous solution, apparatus for detecting a concentration of chlorate-ions and control unit
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