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Generated January 23, 2018

Hinge assembly with a rotation seat available to rotate in both latitudinal and longitudinal directions with respect to a fixing seat

Patent Number: 6,845,546

Patent Information

A hinge assembly includes a fixing seat and a rotation seat rotatable in relation to the fixing seat. The fixing seat has a fixing plate for connection to a mainframe of an electronic device, a rotation shaft securely connected to the fixing plate and having a limiting flange formed on a mediate portion of the rotation shaft, and a limiting disk securely mounted on the rotation shaft and having two limiting edges. The rotation seat has a body rotatably mounted on the rotation shaft and having two connection legs each rotatably received in two tubes and an extension to selectively engage with either one of the limiting edges to limit a rotation angle of the body to the fixing plate and leaf springs mounted on the rotation shaft.
Patent Number: 6,845,546
Issue Date: 2005-01-25

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