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Generated January 23, 2018

Method for fabrication of patterns and semiconductor devices

Patent Number: 6,845,497

Patent Information

Patterns for exposure are divided into subdivided regions taking into consideration a scope of an effect of backscattering, the Coulomb effect, and process factors, respectively, on errors in dimensions, and a pattern area occupancy ratio (pattern area density) within the respective subdivided regions is retained, thereby executing exposure with patterns after finding dimensions of pattern modification as the function of the respective pattern area densities. As a result, it becomes possible to fabricate a mask provided with correction for the errors in the dimensions, caused by plural factors such as backscattering, the Coulomb effect, and process factors, and to obtain highly accurate patterns for exposure. Further, use of pattern area density maps enables data processing time necessary for correction to be considerably reduced.
Patent Number: 6,845,497
Issue Date: 2005-01-18

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Patents that cite this patent

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