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Generated January 23, 2018

System and method for generating electronic documents having independently formattable regions

Patent Number: 6,845,483

Patent Information

A system and method for generating a single electronic document having independently formatted regions. Different regions of a document are given attributes according to a set of region records, which are all contained within a single file. No assembly of separate HTML files as in the HTML standard is necessary. Users can customize documents to desired formats, without restriction.
Patent Number: 6,845,483
Issue Date: 2005-01-18

Primary Category

Biographical Information


Executive Summary


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Patents cited by this patent

Patent Title
6,262,728 System and method for annotating a graphical user interface display in a computer-based system
6,230,170 Spatial morphing of text to accommodate annotations
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5,694,610 Method and system for editing and formatting data in a dialog window

Patents that cite this patent

Patent Title
9,026,511 Call connection via document browsing
7,974,991 Word-processing document stored in a single XML file that may be manipulated by applications that understand XML
7,836,396 Automatically collecting and compressing style attributes within a web document
7,650,566 Representing list definitions and instances in a markup language document
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7,565,603 Representing style information in a markup language document
7,562,295 Representing spelling and grammatical error state in an XML document
7,533,335 Representing fields in a markup language document
7,523,394 Word-processing document stored in a single XML file that may be manipulated by applications that understand XML
7,389,473 Representing user edit permission of regions within an electronic document
7,356,458 Multi-language correspondence/form generator
7,275,211 Rendering page sets

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