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Generated January 23, 2018

Data-storing device

Patent Number: 6,845,422

Patent Information

The present invention concerns a data-storing device, which is coupled to a personal computer through an interface and can enlarge a number of and a kind of devices connectable to the personal computer. The data-storing device includes an interfacing circuit that includes a data communication path through which the data can be bilaterally communicated between the device and an external device, which is coupled to the device with an interface cable, and a power-supplying path through which a power current can be bilaterally supplied between the device and the external device, wherein the interface cable also includes the data communication path and the power-supplying path; a data-storing unit to store the data sent from the interfacing circuit; and a plurality of interface connecting ports serving as input/output terminals of the interfacing circuit, wherein the interface cable can be connected to one of the interface connecting ports.
Patent Number: 6,845,422
Issue Date: 2005-01-18

Primary Category

Biographical Information

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Patents cited by this patent

Patent Title
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6,289,397 Disk drive or like peripheral storage device adapted for firmware upgrading, self-testing, etc.
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Patents that cite this patent

Patent Title
9,159,357 Efficient moves via repository
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8,400,728 Efficient moves via repository
8,339,729 Efficient moves via repository
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7,290,171 Device driver and device
7,149,906 Communication device
7,114,085 Portable storage device startup
7,007,127 Method and related apparatus for controlling transmission interface between an external device and a computer system

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