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Generated January 20, 2018

Method and system for a host processor to broadcast data to instruction or data memories of several processors in a multi-processor integrated circuit

Patent Number: 6,845,412

Patent Information

A system and method are presented for an external host processor to distribute data to memory devices associated with multiple digital signal processors (DSPs) within an integrated circuit “system on a chip.” A host processor interface in the multi-processor integrated circuit responds to commands from the host processor and provides access to the memory devices. A control register in the interface is directly accessible by the host processor, and is used to generate various control signals in response to host processor commands. A data control register in the interface has a field of write enable bits that directly control write accessibility of the memory devices—if a designated write-enable bit within the data control register is set, the corresponding memory devices are write enabled. An extended address bit in the control register is used to select either instruction or data memory for write access.
Patent Number: 6,845,412
Issue Date: 2005-01-18

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