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Generated January 23, 2018

One-phase commit in a shared-nothing database system

Patent Number: 6,845,384

Patent Information

Techniques are provided for handling distributed transactions in shared-nothing database systems where one or more of the nodes have access to a shared persistent storage. Rather than coordinate the distributed transaction using a two-phase commit protocol, the coordinator of the distributed transaction uses a one-phase commit protocol with those participants that have access to the transaction status information maintained by the coordinator. The transaction status information may reside, for example, in the redo log of the coordinator. In the case that the coordinator fails, those participants can determine the state of the distributed transaction based on information stored on the shared disk. In addition, the coordinator is able to determine whether it is possible to commit the distributed transaction based on information that is stored on the shared disk by the participants, without those participants entering a formal “prepared” state.
Patent Number: 6,845,384
Issue Date: 2005-01-18

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