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Generated January 20, 2018

System, apparatus and method for using and managing digital information

Patent Number: 6,845,369

Patent Information

A system, apparatus and method for using, identifying, interacting and managing digital information in a useful and convenient manner. When a digital representation of information is loaded, an index is constructed of unique terms in the information, which index includes the terms, a count of the occurrences of each term in the information and a reference to each location wherein the term occurs in the information. A user can select a term of interest from the index and a context box comprising a user-selected amount of information from before and/or after each occurrence of the selected term is displayed to the user to allow the user to more readily identify portions of the information which are of interest. The user can select one a context box of interest and the display of the information is repositioned to the location in the information which corresponds to the select box. A user can also create a knowledge base entry from each identified and/or selected portion of the information, which knowledge base can be searched in a variety of manners.
Patent Number: 6,845,369
Issue Date: 2005-01-18

Primary Category

Biographical Information


Executive Summary


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Patent Grant Time

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Patent grant time can be influenced by many factors. Activities within the USPTO that are beyond the control of patent attornies can influence grant time, but short grant times can also indicate well-written patents and dedicated efforts to respond rapidly to USPTO office actions with strong arguments. Shorter grant times are preferable, and the scores for this section are inverse measures — higher scores are better.

Patent Claims

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Citations From Other Patents

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Proximity to Basic Research

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Proximity to Basic Research

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Proximity to basic research is measured by comparing the number of citations to non-patent literature among a cohort of patents. Because most non-patent citations are primary research papers, a higher count indicates greater proximity to basic research.

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