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Generated January 23, 2018

Method of processing a check and an apparatus therefor

Patent Number: 6,845,366

Patent Information

A device captures an image of a check having a payee and/or a payor field. Payee data and/or payor data contained in the payee field and/or the payor field is extracted from the captured image. Extracted payee data and/or extracted payor data is stored in a data warehouse to allow a user to generate business-related information based upon the extracted payee data and/or the extracted payor data.
Patent Number: 6,845,366
Issue Date: 2005-01-18

Primary Category

Biographical Information


Executive Summary


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Proximity to Basic Research

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Proximity to Basic Research

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Patents cited by this patent

Patent Title
6,683,697 Information processing methodology
6,611,598 Self-authentication of value documents using encoded indices
6,574,377 Electronic check image storage and retrieval system
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5,832,464 System and method for efficiently processing payments via check and electronic funds transfer
5,819,291 Matching new customer records to existing customer records in a large business database using hash key

Patents that cite this patent

Patent Title
9,336,437 Segregation of handwritten information from typographic information on a document
9,082,007 Image recreation using templates
8,121,950 Method of processing a check and an apparatus therefor
7,983,468 Method and system for extracting information from documents by document segregation
7,920,742 Image processing apparatus, program and recording medium for document registration
7,020,320 Extracting text written on a check

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