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Generated February 19, 2018

Light-string holder

Patent Number: 5,645,343

Patent Information

A light-string holder (20) has two hubs (38) with a plurality of receptacles (40). One of the hubs (38) attaches to an external suspension device (24). The light-string holder (20) has a plurality of lamp-cluster holders (34) fabricated from a translucent material. The lamp-cluster holders (34) have a central beam member (58) with two connectors (46) configured to mate with corresponding receptacles (40) on each hub (38), and a tapered straight edge (70) configured to mate with the other tapered straight edges (70) of the other lamp-cluster holders (34), and a peripheral beam member (60) with a plurality of lamp clamps (32) recessed below the peripheral edge (74) of the peripheral beam member (60). Each of the lamp clamps (32) having a C-shaped member (78) comprising a circular arc greater than 180 degrees and of a diameter equal to or less than the diameter of a lamp socket (84), and where both the central beam member (58) and the peripheral beam member (60) have an I-beam cross section and a plurality of holes (68) through the land area (66) of the I-beam.
Patent Number: 5,645,343
Issue Date: 1997-07-08

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